Marine Safety & Access

The large majority of the jobs we have completed, which require complicated suspended or rope access solutions, are situated on or near water. If this is the case for your next undertaking, the last thing you need is having to deal with multiple different companies to make sure that you have adequate safety support. At Inspired Access Solutions, we have rescue boats available to provide tailored rescue cover for any access job that is booked through us. We make it easy for you to streamline all aspects of your work, by providing everything that you need.

Due to the nature of our access backgrounds, working in and around water is something that our whole team is highly experienced in. Bridges, viaducts, jetties, piers and offshore platforms have been our regular workplaces day in day out for decades and we have built up an innate appreciation of the risks and requirements of working in marine environments. These instincts have been honed and assessed by rigorous training in water-based safety.

As well as offering marine support as a complementary service to our suspended and rope access work, our vessel can also be hired out independently to any site with safety and rescue requirements on the water. We regularly collaborate with other providers and are well used to coordinating our efforts to ensure that you are getting exactly the safety provision that your project demands.

If you think that any of the services we have available could be a component of your next project, give us a call to learn more about their benefits and diverse applications.

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Marine Safety & Access