Confined Space Access & Rescue

A confined space is technically defined as a space that is substantially or completely enclosed. Working in such spaces is to be approached by experienced practitioners only and with the appropriate controls in place. Our specialist staff at Inspired Access Solutions are certified professionals with expert knowledge of best working practices in confined spaces.

The safety and wellbeing of personnel in potentially hazardous environments is paramount to any operation of this kind. Reducing the amount of time spent in confined spaces is always top of mind when we design solutions and plan activities in uncomfortable or small areas. By keeping entry time to a minimum we are also able to keep costs affordable and risks low.

Our confined spaces background is varied and comprehensive. While some are accessed at ground level, or on foot using ladders, many are inaccessible or at height. And this is where rope access methods and confined space techniques can be combined in harmony to devise bespoke solutions for access of structures including:

  • Silos
  • Tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Bridge Elements
  • Shafts
  • Culverts
  • Petro Chemical Installations
  • Water Treatment Structures

The work we carry out in these structures is wholly dependant on our clients’ requirements but in the past has included clean downs, both scheduled and reactive maintenance, and in-depth building surveys.

The reason we can conduct this work is because of our team of highly trained professionals who are able to carry out work and rescue operations in confined spaces. We bring this expertise to bear on any job where our own staff is doing confined space work, and our team is also available to provide rescue cover to support independent projects.

Careful planning is a huge part of approaching any confined space work. Every aspect of our activity is planned thoroughly and in close collaboration with our clients. You will have a single point of contact from the planning stages right through to completion of the works and will deal with this consultant for all aspects of your job, across access and rescue requirements. Prior to any activity we compile a comprehensive Risk Assessment and Method Statement and share it with all parties to review before the works commence.

If you think that any of the services we have available could be a component of your next project, give us a call to learn more about their benefits and diverse applications.

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