Suspended Access Systems

Suspended Access Systems

Traditional access platforms such as scaffolding and MEWPS have their place but are increasingly being superseded by suspended platforms when it comes to working safely and sustainably at height. In the majority of cases a standard market option just isn’t fit for purpose, and in those cases Inspired Access Solutions can assist.

The suspended access systems we use have been installed in some of the most inaccessible and remote locations on earth. If access to your work area is problematic, then we would be delighted to put our expertise and the products we have available to use on your project.

Crafted and perfected over decades, every suspended access product we install provides a stable and safe work area. We supply and fit these solutions for a broad spread of uses ranging from construction to maintenance and from inspection to refurbishment. Every product is lightweight, modular and portable, to keep transport, storage – and emissions – to a minimum.

Here are our 4 most popular suspended access systems, and why we think they could be the perfect solution to your access challenge.

If you think that any of the services we have available could be a component of your next project, give us a call to learn more about their benefits and diverse applications.

Deck Systems

If you have heavy work to carry out and have a tidal differential to factor into your operations, then Deck Systems may be the solution of choice for you.

It is a strong, solid platform comprised of modular blocks which are secured to a wire rope system using a unique hook and clasp design.

We can instal significant amounts of deck in short periods of time and this efficiency could dramatically lower your total access costs.

Here are few examples of situations where Deck Systems have typically been deployed, but the list is by no means comprehensive:


  • Jetties
  • Piers
  • Underneath bridges

Walk On Net

For lighter maintenance works, our High Tenacity Polyester netting systems are ideal.

This is a stable ‘walk on’ net which we fit at the precise tension that you require, with incorporated knots to act as footholds.

Because netting systems are so lightweight – only 5 -10% as heavy as scaffolding – it requires very little storage space on site, is cheap to transport, and can be utilised even on structures that can’t bear heavy loads. And it can also be altered to provide containment for heavyweight debris, should the brief require this feature.

Locations, where Netting systems have been successfully used in the past, are listed below:

  • Underneath bridges
  • High-rise construction
  • Conveyor systems
  • Pipe Racks

Netting systems are so versatile that new applications are being discovered for it all the time. So why not get in touch and add your project to this list?

Containment System

Whether you’re working at height or at ground level, if there are operations taking place on-site above you, then you will be at risk of objects dropped from a higher level. Without appropriate systems in place to minimise this risk, your employees will feel unsafe in their workplace, and your project could be deemed dangerous and uninsurable.

This is where Containment Systems can help. It is made up of a number of cleverly designed nets that are combined to protect your staff, workers, and visitors from injury.

Why Containment Systems could be right for your next project:


  • 40% faster to install than scaffolding
  • Lightweight, low volume and few components
  • Fully installed using rope access methods
  • Extremely safe and compliment with legislation


If you have bridge works to complete and a tight budget to work within, then your project could benefit from Suspended Cradles.

The Cradle systems we use are uniquely designed and are so versatile that it has been shown to increase workforce productivity. Jobs requiring lots of tools and full ease of movement are perfectly achievable with the platform.

The Suspended Cradles we use are lightweight and therefore easily transportable.

Each section can be carried by just one person and even fit inside a normal lift.

If you think that any of the products we have available could be a component of your next project, give us a call to learn more about their benefits and diverse applications.

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